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Scratch Pegasus Cover

Cover artwork and design by Robert Weinstock.

Selected from poems written since the author’s return to Santa Cruz in 2006 after a 16-year absence, Scratch Pegasus, published by Swan Scythe Press, explores themes of time, friendship, art, love, teachers, writing, music, memory, and the streaming present of the everyday, as informed by the epigraph from Albert Camus:  “The aging heart.  To have loved and yet that nothing can be saved.” (For more about Stephen Kessler's poetry, click on cover above.)

Death by Tiramisu

Throw me on top.
No, pull me up.  No,
taste my grateful tears
as I take a bite of your lips.
This is the right way to die,
the heart caught by its tongue
in a kiss to arrest history

with fatal sweetness, with perfect
espresso- and rum-soaked richness
after a tender filet
consumed in a booth
in a room bathed in burgundy light,
facing a face whose beauty you’ve induced
endlessly in more rooms than you can remember,

in beds where you both were known to glow
with the immeasurable pleasure
of the familiar, increasingly unknown
as you deepen union
in speechless realms of redemption.
Thickly, the heart is happy
to stop with such satisfaction.

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