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Scratch Pegasus Cover

Cover artwork and design by Robert Weinstock.

Selected from poems written since the author’s return to Santa Cruz in 2006 after a 16-year absence, Scratch Pegasus, published by Swan Scythe Press, explores themes of time, friendship, art, love, teachers, writing, music, memory, and the streaming present of the everyday, as informed by the epigraph from Albert Camus:  “The aging heart.  To have loved and yet that nothing can be saved.”

Odysseus in a Bar in Ithaca

The couple has resumed
the routine of marriage
while he keeps humming
in his wandering head
a calypso he heard
at sea that he can’t forget.
Home is normal now,
a gift to be lived in,
but what he remembers
torments him because
he felt so alive
in his suffering.
He goes out for a drink
one night by himself,
thinking about his age,
how immortality grows
on him, even as darkness
bears down with new doom.
These late December days
in the old hometown
have in them traces
of the unspeakable,
even though something
begs to be spoken
or sung, like the songs
crooned in this dive
by a singer too drunk
on hard luck to know
how soulful she is.

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