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Scratch Pegasus Cover

Cover artwork and design by Robert Weinstock.

Selected from poems written since the author’s return to Santa Cruz in 2006 after a 16-year absence, Scratch Pegasus, published by Swan Scythe Press, explores themes of time, friendship, art, love, teachers, writing, music, memory, and the streaming present of the everyday, as informed by the epigraph from Albert Camus:  “The aging heart.  To have loved and yet that nothing can be saved.”

Midnight Sidewalks

I like it when the waitresses change clothes.
At the end of the shift they shed their uniforms
and step out looking like civilians newly alive,
springing up the street away from the restaurant
to meet their lovers or a group of girlfriends
with whom they’ll sit for a drink in some bar
or café where they can laugh at leisure
while other young men or women serve them before
their turn to escape and move the cycle around—
these endless circles whose rhythmic movements
are mimicked by hips in rotating motion
in black slacks along the city’s sidewalks
to the endless gratitude of thirsty eyes
with nothing to do but watch what passes
from the cheap seats after a bargain meal
served under an umbrella by a bald waiter
on a street behind the cathedral in Seville.

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