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Scratch Pegasus Cover

Cover artwork and design by Robert Weinstock.

Selected from poems written since the author’s return to Santa Cruz in 2006 after a 16-year absence, Scratch Pegasus, published by Swan Scythe Press, explores themes of time, friendship, art, love, teachers, writing, music, memory, and the streaming present of the everyday, as informed by the epigraph from Albert Camus:  “The aging heart.  To have loved and yet that nothing can be saved.”


Hopper’s representation,
so square compared to his successors’ transgressions,
looks now purely formal and coolly classical
while so much subsequent experiment

is revealed as inconsequential,
conceptual gimmicks for critics to figure out
and philosophize about for the sake of discourse,
to which art is subordinate.

Hopper endures
as one who held true to his vision
while the hipsters pursued the new,
the old fart stroking the forms

into planes of shimmering light
that stays fresh through ages of cliché,
the familiar images
plastered on posters and calendars

unable to exhaust the actual pictures
exposed in their unique strangeness on plain walls
in rooms full of murmuring tourists
relieved to see what they recognize.

I find myself surprised
by what I thought I knew,
amazed by the newness of the abused,
the artist’s truth transcending his success.

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