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Striking Through the Masks Cover
Striking Through the Masks - 2008

Outward Bound

All my life I have in one way or another attempted to strike
through the whale-like masks of the anonymous, the hidden, in many cases, the unknowable. I have tried to bring to light from behind those masks what hides out of shame or stealth in the dark places of our psyches.

Most of all I have tried to strike through the masks of my own obfuscations in search of a simplicity by which I could live my life with equanimity and dignity, not only among my fellow humans, but as a speck of light glinting for an instant in the ocean of the universe.

With a pen as my harpoon, I lanced the waters of experience and dream, at times pinioning and hauling from the deep strange creatures with accusing eyes and bloody teeth. Now I set out for possbily the last time, voyaging on the waters of memory and half-remembered desires.

Index to Striking Through The Masks

Stanley D. Stevens, Librarian Emeritus at UC Santa Cruz, created a a companion index of Striking Through the Masks, available here as a PDF file. Download now.

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