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Mort and Donna Traveling
Mort and Donna at Mostar Bridge



Excerpt from Striking Through the Masks

We also journeyed to many of the famous sites in the surrounding regions, driving to Mostar and its famous eleventh-century arched bridge, and then spent a day in Medjugorje, where since 1981 a handful of Roman Catholic children had continually seen visions of the Virgin Mary. We took Donna’s great aunt to see the town, which had become a Catholic pilgrimage site. Every hour, busloads of people arrived at the remote village to be greeted by dozens of hawkers selling cheap tourist trinkets of the supposed visions and of the children. The carnival-like atmosphere in Medjugorje was almost as depressing as the hostility in Mostar where we were eyed with suspicion by the Bosnian inhabitants, who were also selling cheap tourist memorabilia.

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