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"Foreign Exchange"
by Daniel Friedman

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Molly Doyle
Catamaran Literary Reader Editorial Intern


On cracked wood, kitchen table
in the bronze of morning
which sifted against
the masks on the wall
dripping through the space
in between your fingers.
Yesterday feels like today,
you said, which feels like

:the roads were dusty and dry
leaving part of themselves
in our throats as we breathed—
meticulous, sharp.
Coyote thistle with the pared
edges of vulture song.
You talked about how
there existed a
rich way way to see a mountain
and a poor way to see a mountain.
From below, I asked?
From inside?

Night: is glass,
we are each of us
on a separate side, silk
trying to rip into worms,
writhe into the other,
unnoticed by the Buckeyes
or the Oaks.

My Grandfather

My grandpa resembles a baby bird,
thin, trembling legs and big stomach,
shuddering in the wind that wraps itself
around the azaleas.
My cousin puts his hand
between the couch cushions,
pulls out a pair of underwear,
red silk, soft,
like it had been a piece of skin,
turned vermillion
with sex and shame.
He tosses it across the room
and we wonder about sex
between my grandpa and his girlfriend,
do they bend anymore, do they yell,
or do they gather layers,
fold them gently into one another.
We smash snails in the yard
with flat pieces of wood.
The bodies crunch into slime
and we siphon them off with spoons,
dumping them among the flowers.
My grandpa is silent, methodical.
Part leaves— crunch, scrape, dispose.

Who is that? baby Anna giggles,
pointing at the photograph.
A boy?

Molly Doyle is an editorial intern at Catamaran Literary Reader. She is a fourth year literature and creative writing student at UC Santa Cruz. Right now she is interning at the Catamaran Literary Reader and when she graduates she hopes to try her hand at farming in Ireland.

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