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Jill Wolfson

Prologue to Furious

         In times past, all dramas started with a prologue, the before before the beginning.
         Enter the character to tell you what you need to know.
         Enter me, Ambrosia.
         Here is what you see. Someone tall and straight, dressed always in black, unruffled in every way down to the clean, classic lines of my designer clothing. I am not perfect by contemporary standards. My almond-shaped eyes – a legacy from my ancestors – sit a little too close together, giving me a penetrating gaze. My nose is too pointed and prominent to be considered an iconic profile in this culture of perky and pug-nosed Anglo-Saxons.
         Yet, this is the face that all other female faces at Hunter High are unfavorably compared to. Beauty is not merely in the eye of the beholder. It exists beyond fashion and trend, and everyone feels drawn to it, to what’s deep and unshakable.
         From this description, you think you know me, right? I’m the girl who has it all – the looks, the grades, the boobs, the family connections. But my face, this mask of self-assurance, covers a seething anger.
         Because in truth, I have nothing worth having. When someone has wronged you and has gotten away with it, when the guilty walk free, that miscarriage of justice makes your very soul writhe in agony.
         Let bygones be bygones?
         Come to peace with the past?
         What rot!
         Animals may forgive and forget, but not a human. I will never find relief, not until a certain someone pays for the crime and suffers as deeply as I have.
         I’ve been waiting a long time, and finally all the elements are coming together. What a rare alignment of sun and stars and flesh it is. It’s been up to me to find the talent, coax it, feed it, and slowly cultivate it into its full dangerous bloom.
         I have two-thirds of what I need. I wait for the missing piece to reveal itself.                
         I can already taste the iron tinge in my mouth, blood calling out for blood.
         It’s time for me to close the book on the prologue. But there’s one more crucial thing you must understand:
         This story started long ago, when the wrong that haunts me was committed and the deed left unpunished. When a spoiled and selfish young prince picked up a knife and decided that it was his gods’ given right to plunge the blade deep into someone’s back.
         That someone was me.

 Publish date of Furious, April 16, 2013, Henry Holt.

Jill Wolfson

Jill Wolfson is the author of four novels for young adults, including Furious, a contemporary retelling of the Greek myth of the Furies, to be published in April.  When she’s not writing in the voice of a teenager annoyed at parents, she’s editing Bay Area Parent magazine, and advising parents how to deal with their annoying teens. She has published many short stories, newspaper and magazine articles, and narrative nonfiction. She is also a long-time volunteer of The Beat Within, a writing workshop for teenagers who are incarcerated in Santa Cruz juvenile hall. Her website is

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