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Origin Cover
Origins - 1969

The March

we no longer pray

we had seen his presence in rock
and staring from the eyes of trees

rain was a pat on the shoulder for a war well done

and we lost the image in confusions

some grabbed their breath
closing the warmth in their hands

"this" they said
but could show it to no one

and it drained through their fingers

others followed voices
and walked blindly into trees

still others chanted their disilusion
or made hysteria a dance

none could unlock the stones

old women wearing their shadows
collapsed into puddles of water

and their sons drank them
and continued on

cousins took clothes from the fallen

daughters burned trees
that looked down like their fathers

and gave birth at roadside
to those who would follow

by day the hunters ride ahead

at supper everyone stares at his plate
as if it were empty

later subalterns growl in their sleep
women are abandoned by their dreams

and children kidnapped by a wind they imagine

each morning we gather our blankets
and continue on with eyes wild as silver

we pass familiar mountains and uprooted trees
hacking a path when the road ends

we only stop at the edge of the ocean

and before we turn once again
drop our bodies like blankets

and stare in a trance
at the dark veins in the water

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