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Mort and Imant
Mort with Imant Raminsh - at The Peace of Wild Things, conducted by Cheryl
Anderson for Ensemble Monterey Chamber Orchestra


The Peace of Wild Things
Composed by Imant Raminsh
Conducted by Cheryl Anderson

The following three poems of Morton Marcus were set to music by Rimansh and conducted by Anderson at Cabrillo College and Carnegie Hall.

The Old Country

Below the steep slopes inside us
There are mountain valleys with red-tiled roofs
Surrounded by plowed fields
Staked patches of grapevine
And domed churches in whose tiny graveyards
the slim cypress trees spiral toward memory.

The Year Turns Away From Me

The year turns away from me,
I’m here on the other side of the hill,
Where winds are flames, blue wings in the meadow,
Tall steeples of ashes diminish at the meadow’s edge
And far down the hillside
A deep chorus of boulders is singing the pebbles awake.

The Stars

The stars are grains of salt thrown over God’s shoulder
They fly from us and we fly after
But the heart that dark star, that heavy planet
is all that we can know of heaven.

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