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Mort on Korcula
Mort on island of Korcula, Croatia





Excerpt from Striking Through the Masks

Most of my travels since 1989, however, have been to Croatia (formerly part of Yugoslavia), where Donna’s forebears came from, and most of my contemplations have been on the problems in the Balkans, that troubled area rich in traditional folkways and all the pettiness, internecine strife, and ethnic hatreds that go with them, as well as some of the more glorious examples of human compassion and dignity. That Greece is part of the Balkans and that Russia has protectively overseen this area of Slavic inhabitants for several centuries, is no small part of my interest in it. I have come to see the Balkans as the petri dish of humanity where virulent and benign microbes wiggle near, rub against, or ram into one another in a microcosm of the human condition.




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