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Nine Santa Cruz authors participated in The Love Letters Project on Saturday, February 11th, held at The Musuem of Art and History (MAH), Bookshop Santa Cruz, and Felix Kulpa Gallery. Each writer was asked to contribute a poem or letter they had written for someone or something they love. The poems and letters written by Lauren Crux at The Love Letters Project follow her contribution.

Read Lauren's reflection on the Love Letters Project


Love Hurls Itself

Standing on a granite dome in Yosemite
high above a summer-green meadow
she watched a man methodically
strap to his back   
huge multicolored bird wings.
He tested and re-tested the straps. Secure
that he was secure,
just before charging full speed  
off the edge,          
he turned to a friend  and
See you at lunch.      

She watched as he circled, drifting
round, dropping imperceptibly 
towards the valley floor.
Yes, lovely, his spherical journey.
She imagined herself running off the edge,
throwing herself  into all that blue-eyed

Later, her lover is away for the weekend.
They need to miss each other.
She hangs the mirror and
her lover’s grandmother’s clock.
Covers the pillow,
tidies up one of her many
stacks of stuff,  
goes to a movie alone,
rises early,
writes this poem.

Love hurls itself,

The light outside––extraordinary.

How long will we love each other?

By Lauren Crux

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Photograph by Marcia Quackenbush

Letters & Poems written by Lauren for the Love Letters Project:

Lauren Crux Photo

Lauren Crux: Her poetry, prose, and photography have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. For the last several years she has taken her writing on the road in a form of solo performance that blurs the boundaries between monologue, storytelling, poetry, and performance art. Her day job is the art of psychotherapy.


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