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Nine Santa Cruz authors participated in The Love Letters Project on Saturday, February 11th, held at The Musuem of Art and History (MAH), Bookshop Santa Cruz, and Felix Kulpa Gallery. Each writer was asked to contribute a poem or letter they had written for someone or something they love. The poems and letters written by Cheyenne Street Houck (AKA Vergere Street) at The Love Letters Project follow her contribution.

My Anti-Valentine
By Vergere Street

I wish my heart was anthracite
I wish it could still burn
I gave it to you as a gift
As I expected in return.

If my heart was anthracite
I’d set it all on fire
Sneak it in your bed, and leave you
Screaming on your pyre.

We had something beautiful
But you’re so goddamn lame
I’ll never know just what you saw
In what-the-fuck’s-her-name.

It always seemed to me that love
Was more than institution
So mark my words, and mark them well
I’ll have my retribution.

If only you’d read Dante
You’d know just where to go
There’s a special circle, made for you
Nine layer’s down below.

Cupid’s bow is made of lace
What-ifs, I hopes, and coulds
My arrows are painted black
And my bow is deadly wood.

I want you in a guillotine
I hope the blade is dull
I hope it almost breaks your neck
But only cracks your skull.

I’d like you on a shooting line
You look so good in red
I have a numbered bullet
For every time you said:

“I love you, dear, my sweet heart
You’re the only one for me,”
If only I had known you then
If then, my eyes could see

My love, you are the Anti-Christ
Satan would be proud
Of your fragile personality
So belligerent, so proud.

Do you know St. Valentine?
They had his body flayed
I wish the same for you, my love
As I was thus betrayed.

I want to watch you writhing
And bleeding from your eyes
I want to revel in your misery
And smile at your cries.

I want to see you suffer
I want to see you die
Wound for wound, as you to me
I’ll laugh until I cry.

And then I’ll leave you, all alone
So you can know the sound
Of footsteps leaving you forever
And the silence of the ground.

And you will lie there, feeling crushed
Like I was crushed before
Quoth the Raven, my dearest love,
You’ll see me never more. 

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Chey's Photo

Photograph by Marcia Quackenbush

Letters & Poems written by Chey for the Love Letters Project:

Cheyenne Street Houck Photo
Hello, my name is Chey, and I am an elf. No, not the cute little green-hatted kind you find at the North Pole, but the kind you might find lurking around the deepest darkest part of the woods. I love mountain-biking, cave crawling, and leaning over the edge of high cliffs just to see how far down the ground is. I enjoy poetry, long walks on the beach, and rolling in mud. Aside from being a student, I am an avid archer, and have even been known to give a lesson from time to time. I collect the caps from Snapple bottles, love dirt-biking, and cannot tell left from right. I spend most of my free time alone in the woods, but have gotten lost in Costco. My favorite book is The Master and Margarita, and when I was 11 I wanted to be an exorcist.


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