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Angel Photo by Gina Foucek Sinopoli
Photo by Gena Foucek Sinopoli

The Photographer

Gina Foucek Sinopoli's photography is driven by love and a desire to know her subjects in detail. When she first saw the angel in Oakwood Memorial Cemetery, purchased by a husband for his departed French wife, her eyes moved first to the crack in the wing then to the cloud above that mirrored the angel and the crack, and proceeded to shoot the angel from 24 different view points, two of which are seen on this page.
Gina Foucek Photo
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THE ANGEL.  By chance.  Or by design.  Her

gaze is cast down, her plumage unfurled.  She speaks of love,

mobility, power.  Imperious in her grace, she resembles us.  A spirit

made of flesh, this messenger has passed from heaven to earth--where

she remains.  With us, among us.  Her back, her unprotected part,

speaks mutely of damage.  Like us, she has known gravity and pain. 

She is air become stone become woman, her flights sequential

transits, transformations.  She bears a blessing.  She is the body of

love transfigured in the world, not beyond it.  In the cold graveyard,

where other wings enfold eons of sleep, her feathers (fetters?) lift,

open.  We turn, she casts her soul into the air.

By Carolyn Burke

The Inspiration:

Gena Foucek Sinopoli's series of angel photographs inspired Carolyn Burke's prose poem, "One winter morning we meet/ The angel." Seen as a group, these messengers of love bring to mind their counterparts in Wim Wenders' classic film Wings of Desire--the spirits that move among us unseen, often prompting unexpected meetings of minds.

Angel Face Photo

Photo by Gena Foucek Sinopoli

The Poet

Carolyn Burke was born in Australia, spent many years in Paris, and now lives in Santa Cruz, California. She is a member of the Authors Guild and the PEN American Center. Burke’s essays and translations have appeared in many magazines, such as Vogue, Heat, Sulfur, Art in America, (HOW)ever, and the New Yorker. Her books include Becoming Modern, The Life of Mina Loy, Lee Miller, A Life, and most recently, No Regrets, The Life of Edith Piaf.
Carolyn Burke Photo


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