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The spark for phren-Z and its parent organization, Santa Cruz Writes, began 21 years ago when a group of friends formed a local writers' group they informally dubbed Santa Cruz Writers. Members have come and gone, but the strong and steady core has remained.

Over the decades, we have discussed topics such as community, communication, the number of quality writers in Santa Cruz County, the need for publishing opportunities, and our desire to do “something” to enhance writing opportunities for our writing companions.

That "something" has become 1) Santa Cruz Writes, a grass roots organization currently operating as a special project of the William James Association, and 2) this online literary magazine, phren-Z.

We look forward to working with, publishing, and reading the writing of local authors representing the spirit and culture of Santa Cruz County.

Santa Cruz Writes and phren-Z co-founders:

Karen Ackland

Julia Chiapella

Jory Post


Winter 2012 Issue

Wallace Baine
Don Rothman
Karen Ackland

Carolyn Burke
Farnaz Fatemi
Gary Young

Clifford Henderson
Micah Perks
Paul Skenazy

Julia Chiapella

Love Letters Project
Wallace Baine
Lauren Crux
Stephanie Golino
Neal Hellman
Cheyenne Street Houck
Erin Johnson
Wincy Lui
Elizabeth McKenzie
Alyssa Young

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