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Woodcut by Bridget Henry

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Sarah Albertson

A review of Lauren Crux's Starting from The Wrong Place

Starting From The Wrong Place was a totally absorbing evening of
performance that included two monologues written and performed by
Lauren Crux combined with interludes of dance and music that
imaginatively supported and counterpointed Lauren’s rich commentary.

Lauren Crux is an exceptional artist. Her stories flow out of her with
warmth, wit and elegance. She holds the stage magnificently as she
invites us to look at life in a fresh way.

Lauren says that she seeks “the beauty with inner implications”.
Absolutely! A smart, generous beauty of mind and language led us
deeper and deeper toward the mysteries that lie beneath things we
normally give only casual attention.

In her delivery, the simplest details, the most artless asides come
together to create the story of a sensibility that seems to grow in depth
and resonance with every utterance.

Lauren never lets us get stuck in one way of looking at something. She
scrutinizes all sensibilities ‐ especially her own. She manages to be
“cool” at the same time that she calls the validity of coolness into
question. She talks about “edge” facetiously, yet we know all the time in
her performance that we are experiencing the value of “edge”.

As with all fine storytellers, Lauren makes us feel the power of our own
imaginations. Lauren, as the guide, leads us into worlds we wish to
linger in far longer than just the evening we have shared with her. By
the end of Starting From The Wrong Place, we realize that we have
arrived at a very beautiful place – the soul of an artist.

March 18th, 2012

Arthur Streshly

Sarah Albertson has directed and acted (Actors Equity) off-Broadway and at other professional repertory theatre companies in the US and Canada. As a founding member of Ghostlight Theatre  she has  toured to NYC,  Canada and Australia and performed at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco.  She has also directed and produced films in Toronto, Canada. She was last seen in Santa Cruz in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM as Titania at the Actors’ Theatre. Sarah has MFA degrees  from the Yale School of Drama and in film from the  Yale  School of Art. She is on the faculty of the Cabrillo College Theatre Arts Department. In Santa Cruz she has directed at the Actors’ Theatre and directed many Cabrillo College productions. This summer she taught abroad in London at the Actors’ Centre and in Paris at the International Institute of Performing Arts.


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