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Runaway Woodcut by Bridget Henry
Woodcut by Bridget Henry

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Dear readers and writers:

Thanks to everyone who attended the phren-Z live reading at Capitola Book Cafe on June 1 to hear our Spring 2012 contributors read their work! And thanks to Capitola Book Cafe for being such a gracious host.

Our Summer 2012 issue will launch on August 15, with a Live reading at Bookshop Santa Cruz on Tuesday, August 21 from 7:00 to 8:30. The reading will feature the following contributors: Dane Cervine, John Chandler, Lauren Crux, Peggy Heinrich, Shiloh Hellman,Thad Nodine, Patrice Vecchione,and Steve Woodhams. Additional contributors to the Summer 2012 issue include Alta Ifland and Eileen Eccles.

Poetry Contest

Watch for the photography of Susan Hillyard on the pages of phren-Z and Santa Cruz Writes on August 15.

Remember to check out the current FloodLight Feature on Ellen Bass, as well as past FloodLights on Morton Marcus and National Poetry Month.


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Ellen Bass FloodLight Feature

Spring 2012

Elizabeth McKenzie
Paula Mahoney

Sarah Albertson
Vinnie Hansen
Neal Hellman
Stephen Kessler

Buzz Anderson
Anna Citrino
Arthur Streshly
Amber Coverdale Sumrall

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Wilma Marcus Chandler

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