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Slippery Hitch Woodcut by Bridget Henry
Woodcut by Bridget Henry

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Buzz Anderson

My Father's Dementia

Time is different now.
There is no linear assault.
It undulates, oscillates and circles
Then grinds to a halt.
Restarts backwards and comes to rest.
This is my fathers place.
The orchard surrounds us,
It is everything.
He speaks of the fruit constantly,
Worries about the irrigation pipes
The D-4 cat and the spraying rig.
What is the price for a ton of prunes?
He cups his hands
Showing the unseen harvest.
Long ago is present, not déjà vu.
Everything is still here,
The old swing, copper pennies in its folds,
The leaky spigot that attracts frogs,
The spring sourgrass, yellow along the drive,
The well worn path between two houses.

He quotes a favorite line from Shakespeare.
"There is nothing either good or bad,
But thinking makes it so."
He looks upon the trees with a blank stare,
The words hang from the limbs
Suspended in time.

Jon Ponder

Jon Ponder drove tractor,
I’d see his name in the checkbook
Lying by the telephone.
He was spoken of reverently
Never Jon or simply Ponder
Always Jon Ponder.
Jon Ponder cultivated the ground
Pulled his harrow discs through the orchards
Everyday for thirty days,
When the dust tail settled
The birds would come
Dining in the upwelling of dirt.
Jon Ponder loved his work
Loved the D-4 Cat and trailer
The turning of the crank
The pop of the cylinders
The pulling of levers
The deep massage of tracks
Churning in the earth’s skin.
Jon Ponder cashed his checks
Fed his tractor
Lived his life in a bucket seat
Just about limb high
The syllabled sound of his toils
Echoing among the trees
Jon Ponder Jon Ponder Jon Ponder.


Buzz Anderson

Buzz Anderson. Born 1954 in San Jose, Ca.  Spent early childhood growing up in an old farmhouse surrounded by walnut and prune orchards.  Last in my generation to pick prunes.  Moved to Capitola in the 60's where parents built and operated a 10-unit motel.  Attended Soquel Elementary, Capitola Jr. High, Soquel High, Cabrillo College and UCSC.   Graduated 1977 with a degree in Politics.  Owned and operated an auto parts business for thirty plus years.  Employment now consists of construction estimating and teaching. Volunteer for CASA. Began writing poetry in the seventies.  Student of Morton Marcus.  Attended some poetry workshops including ones led by Joseph Stroud and Stephen Kessler.  Did a reading once at the CAVA wine bar in Capitola for family and friends.  Influential writers include Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, Richard Brautigan and Wallace Stegner.  Married Jennie in 1981.  Three sons.  Enjoy a little golf, gardening, biking and walks on the beach.


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