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Falling Stars Woodcut by Bridget Henry
Woodcut by Bridget Henry

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Arthur Streshly

After Enough Time

After a billion years of matter scattered in galaxies,
            of volcanoes flowing in malevolent pus,
            of barren deserts swept by blue shadows,
            of stagnant seepage collecting into ponds
                        under unbroken stone-gray skies—
After enough time, the ceaseless hiss of sunlight
            becomes a helix concertina of genetic code,
            becomes starch in leaves, kelp in green water,
            iridescence on lizards, predatory eyes in cats,
                        and eventually, you beside me in bed.
After enough time, creation permits itself admirers
            as surely as if coded music somehow flowed
            out of the negative space pressed into the pits
            of a disk when probed by a red finger of light,
                        to be enjoyed by unbelieving lovers.


Memory Will Mellow This

Again, the earth tilts away from the sun.
Shawls of mist lie over the fields,
   trees are restless with brittle leaves.
Soon, rain will streak windows,
   hail will pepper the sidewalks.
Gutters will fill with sodden leaves
   that once held saw-toothed edges.
Summer longings will crystallize
   and shatter like morning ice.
Even so, memory will mellow this
   like wine sleeping in oak—
the way vibrant light and breeze
   can be held on a Monet canvas
      for more than a century
         without recalling the chill.


Arthur Streshly

Arthur Streshly: My great grandfather left Virginia in 1849 and crossed the Isthmus, but he never made it to the gold fields. He settled in the Los Angles basin long before there was water enough for oranges. My grandfather was an electrical engineer who worked on hydroelectric projects along the West Coast. He oversaw the installation of the first traffic lights for the City of Beverly Hills. My father, when young, rescued dogs from sticky pools in fields where oil seemed to ooze from the ground, and later worked on nuclear submarines. I’ve taught in local schools and have recently retired.


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