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Inner Ocean Fantasy 2011
25” x25"
by John Babcock

Photo by Linda Babcock

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Dion Farquhar

Things Not To Write About

How each birthday, ever hopeful,
you’d think, maybe this year, it will get easier.

Wondering why you wanted to have a child

All the desperation, hurt, and anger they evoked

The emotional morass of the family

The day I told the family therapist in tears
I can’t take it any more

The time one of them hit me and I threatened
to call the cops to have him sent to Juvenile Hall
and he grabbed the phone and waved it in my face,
saying, “Go ahead, I’ll dial it for you.

The times I was in such a rage that I slapped one of them

The endless no-win flawed and awkward richochet

The Kiss

I want a kiss

You just got a kiss.

I dint see the noise

            Another kiss
            loud smack of lips


See, dat’s de noise.

Riding the Q Train at Six

to visit Jacob, their noses pressed
up against the window of the lead car
to see every blue and red marker light,
the red-yellow-green signal stop lights,
exciting speed, sharp turns, screeching brakes
high-pitched whine of steel on steel ,
kids riveted, the City’s power
in your bones the whole half hour ride.

As the train comes out of the ground
in Brooklyn, after Prospect Park,
I ask, “What do you see?”
and Alex says,
It’s another world—
pretty houses and trees.

That’s when I knew,
already a New York ex-pat

Dion Farquhar has recent poems are in Local Nomad, Columbia Poetry Review, Shampoo, moria, Shifter, etc. Her second poetry book Wonderful Terrible was published last year by Main Street Rag Publishing Company, and her second chapbook Snap is in press at Crisis Chronicles Press. She works at two universities as an exploited adjunct, but continues to love the classroom. A New York transplant, she still misses her friends and family back east, off-off Broadway theatre, and live baroque.

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Dion Farquhar
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John Babcock

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