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"Mixed Flock" by Andrea Rich

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Robin WT Lysne

Love Cars

You make me better. How the thought before
the poem, how it changes after

Ambling skunks and an elderly heiress who
buys up land in her view, how painting or poetry make my day,

then the quaking hour, when
tell-tale signs sing out of those love cars

on Lowell’s hill, you make me quake
when I think about it, the two of us in one

a shiver that went through you earlier that day
as we walked past the young black model

posing on the beach with her cadre. We welked sideways
as crabs in a borrowed residence, ogling her.

I saw your shiver, and I felt my opposition, white
edging sixty, wrinkles, and you squeeze my hand

as we talked about a place to pee, another beach, dinner, oysters or
those black muscles maybe. Still you make me shiver

when I think you, of this tenuous moment,
how either one of us could turn away any time,

though after dinner, we were the ones in the love cars off
Hwy 1 dangling near a cliff edge scooping love bites

from seaweed, shivering in each other’s sex. That is when you
mentioned love cars, how we were in one, in Lowell’s poem at the same time.

You enliven me with those skunks, your muscles
in their brown skin, rippling as you touch me, hand to my breast.

Friend to a Friend

He takes a potato chip
looks me in the eye
and slides it across
the picnic table,
it become a coin.

You invest a dime and get
back a quarter.
That’s how our relationship is.
It’s her not me.

Some relationships
are the opposite,
you put in more and more
and get nothing back.

“I’m done with that!” I say.

His eyes look down,
then straight at me again.
He gets real quiet.

I have been freed
by my small


Night Thorns

In the dark, thorns of longing
tangle in scarf, shirt

Fingers pricked
torn asunder.

All night, in my dream,
a polar bear robe

surrounds me,
held, talking to my teachers.

All night, roses fell
in white cream sky.

Robin White Turtle Lysne, is an author/artist of 5 books, several book art pieces and has produced numerous paintings, sculptures and drawings and a publisher. She is also a professional energy healer, medium and psychic. Recent publications are Handbook to Heart Path, An Energy Medicine Guide, and Poems for the Lost Deer, (BlueBoneBooks, Santa Cruz, CA).
Her poems have been published in; Phren-Z, Sand Canyon Review, Samizdat, Awkening Consciouesness Magazine, The Weekely Avocet, North American Review, Porcupine Literary Arts Magazine, Tree Stories, Beneath the Sleeping Maiden, Korone, Volumes VIII, IX, X, and Wounded Healers, (Rachel Remen, M.D., editor), and other publications. A member of Emerald Street Poets in Santa Cruz, she has read at the Muse several times as well as in other Bay Area venues. She has an M.F.A.-Poetry, Mills College (2012), and Ph.D.- Energy Medicine, University of Natural Medicine, Santa Fe, (2013) Her websites are and

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Robin WT Lysne
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Morton Marcus Poetry Prize Winner
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