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Dixie Cox


I’ve always felt that your true friends, the friends you really care about, the ones that would come see you in the hospital, or bail you out of jail, are the ones to call you when they’re moving. ‘Cus you’re real friends.

And when you own a truck, you’re the first person your friends call when it’s time to move. Having a truck pretty much my entire adult life means I’ve moved over two dozen friends. And as I get older so do my friends­– meaning we’ve all had more time to accumulate Shit!

The one-load days are gone. Now I can count on at least three truckloads per friend. And that gets stipulated from the first query into the Favor. “I’ll do three truckloads,” I say. They say, “That’d be great.”

Ten years ago three truckloads would have done it. Nowadays it’s three truckloads of nick knacks & clothing followed by loading up a two ton U-haul truck. That nobody but you knows how to drive!

I have gotten smarter with experience. On the initial request call I’ll ask if there are any stairs involved. That’s something you want to know about from the beginning– so you can pace yourself or decide to leave town for the weekend.

I’ve done just that: leaving the keys to my truck with my moving friend and returning to a full tank of gas and a “Thank-You” card professing how they couldn’t have done it without me and promising a dinner invite when they get unpacked. This sure beats the free beer days.

The truth is they did it without me. They did it without me arriving on time to a house of half packed boxes. They did it without me having to pack for them. They did it without me hearing a story for every treasure they’re packing.

The gesture of just lending my truck to help a friend move also saves me $49 for that appointment with my chiropractor after it’s all over.
 I think I finally figured it out.
 You learn a lot from experience.



H2O, Agua, Spring water, Lake water, Ground water, potable water, grey water, water tank, water hose, water pump, water tower, ocean…
“water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink”

salt water, fresh water, river water, standing water, contaminated water, water pistol, swimming hole, water balloons, water damage, water boarding, Chinese water torture, Houdini, mermaids, scuba divers, snorkelers, fishermen, marine biologist, Carnival cruise line, aircraft carriers, pirates, pilgrims, explorers, Atlantic, Pacific, Lake Tahoe, Hoover dam, The Great Lakes, Rain, sleet, snow, mud puddles, Rain boots, slickers, goggles, air tanks, inner tubes.

“Just add water”…Water Wiggle, water beds, water bras, holy water, baptism- dunk or sprinkle, watery eyes, water boy, water bottle, mineral water, water well, smart water, fire water, fire hydrant, hot and cold running water, water bill, rain barrel, water district, trickle, drip, wash, rinse, water hose, water bug, out board motors, Evinrude, Mercury, submarines, torpedoes, fly fishing, waders, water falls, water proof, whiskey and water, water chaser, windshield wipers, water stain, Noah, Jonah, Jacque Cousteau, Flipper, Gilligan, McHale’s Navy, Jesus- walk on water, witch hunt, death by drowning, dunking booth, water fights, water leaks, plumbers, sailors, surfers, harbors, piers, sail boats, house boats, dinghies, water skis, life vests, life boats.

“Swim at your own risk!”

“You want water with that?”

Dixie Cox is a full-time Improviser on stage and paper. She and her partner, Clifford Henderson, make it up as they go. And it’s worked so far for 22 years. She currently teaches Performance Arts at The Fun Institute, an adult school for Improv and solo performance, which she co-founded with Clifford in 2000. She’s a founding member of the Improv troupe Loose Cannon Theater. And she has been a student of Clifford’s “Writing Salon” since 2009. Living life with the Muse keeps Dixie amused.

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