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Dane Cervine

in the
2013 Morton Marcus Poetry Contest

Polishing the Moon Sword

On the eve of a decisive battle, Zhang Liang climbed Mount Ji Ming and played songs of the enemy soldiers’ distant homeland. The soldiers became so nostalgic that most of them wandered off, one by one, into the night. I see him still, in the Japanese print, purple robe flowing on cliff’s edge, carved flute pressed to wet lips, unused sword  quiet in the golden scabbard hanging from hip. His enigmatic heart, happy for one less battle under the fierce moon.


Dane Cervine’s new book is entitled How Therapists Dance, from Plain View Press (2013), which also published his previous book The Jeweled Net of Indra. His poems have been chosen by Adrienne Rich for a National Writers Union Award; by Tony Hoagland as a finalist for the Wabash Poetry Prize; a Second Place prize for the Caesura Poetry contest; twice a finalist for, and the 2013 winner of the Atlanta Review’s International Poetry Prize. Dane’s work has appeared in a wide variety of journals including The Hudson Review, The SUN Magazine, Catamaran Literary Reader, Red Wheelbarrow, numerous anthologies, newspapers, video & animation. Visit his website at: Dane is a therapist, and serves as Chief of Children’s Mental Health for Santa Cruz County in California.

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Morton Marcus Poetry Contest:
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Morton Marcus Poetry Contest:
Dane Cervine

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