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J. Zimmerman

The Pacific at San Lorenzo River

                                                    for Karin

Three days after
her mother dies
a friend walks

with me along
the beach below
the Dream Inn

then under the
wharf pilings vulnerable
to tides across

to the Boardwalk
Beach where tourists
leap the waves

boys teach girls
to boogie board
a mom coaxes

her scowling toddler
to the waves
my friend says

the waves sound
like breathing and
her mother ate

her last cookie
a week ago
sipped her last

water two days
before she died
the body beginning

to be complete
we step into
the river where

the ocean flows
upstream with each
foamy wave and

then flows out
again this being
a time for water

for taking the
next step then
the next over

the river mouth
until we reach
the far bank

while the ocean
keeps breathing and
across the Bay

a golden mirage
extends the beaches
we could walk

all day letting
time lift us
into the future


Swift at Ingalls

Don't begrudge this
bakery cafe in
the re-purposed artichoke

and sprout growers
packing plant the
smallness of its

spinach quiche and
coffee that together
cost an hour

of minimum-wage
labor which today's
un-permitted harvesters don't

attain – my monthly
treat when Social
Security payment arrives

I fill my
cheeks as if
with grandmother's and

mother's alchemy fresh

farm butter eggs
bacon asparagus flour

transformed by their
hands their laughter
baked to gold

Center at Church
Meet me by
the Angel Trumpet
Tree we'll decorate

our hair with
white poisoned flowers
while we wait

hours till the
Civic's double doors
open for Roller-derby

any anxiety or
trouble will dissolve
in alkaloid aromas

our dilating eyes
and calmed hearts
tended by scopolamine

our cheeks dusted
by atropine pollen
till Atropos cuts

J. Zimmerman

J. Zimmerman is a poet, editor, reviewer, and physicist born in Windermere, England. She has worked in the USA, UK, Germany, and Greece,where her favorite jobs remain archaeological surveyor and falconry apprentice. Her 2011 tanka collaborative chapbook is "nectar untouched". She won the Mary Lonnberg Smith Poetry Prize and co-edits Ariadne's Poetry Web.


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