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After the Dance
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Dear readers and writers:

We invite you to join us in the publication of our first issue of 2013 on Friday, February 15. The Winter 2013 issue will feature poetry, fiction, a monologue, a tribute to Don Rothman, and a showcase of our next FloodLight Feature author, Stephen Kessler.

This publication will be combined with a Live Reading at Bookshop Santa Cruz, on Tuesday, February 19 from 7:00 to 8:45 pm. The reading will feature the following contributors to the Winter 2013 issue as well as our FloodLight Feature author:

      • Barbara Bloom
      • Lisa Ortiz
      • Arthur Streshly
      • David Sullivan
      • Peggy Townsend
      • Jill Wolfson
      • Guest reader of Diana Rothman's poem
      • Guest reader of Don Rothman's essay
      • FloodLight Feature reader: Stephen Kessler

Our February 2013 FloodLight Feature highlighting the work of poet, translator, novelist, essayist, and editor Stephen Kessler, is now live at

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The editors

Spring 2012

Vinnie Hansen
Clifford Henderson

Vergere Street
Dena and Becky Taylor

Bri Bruce
SA Smythe
Debra Spencer
J. Zimmerman

Morton Marcus Poetry Runners-Up
Curt Anderson
Catherine Segurson
David Sullivan

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