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Heart Dance
Painting by Andrew Purchin
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2012 Morton Marcus Poetry Prize:

Runner-up: Catherine Segurson
Morning in Beverly Hills

The clean Beverly Hilton stares
Through glass eyeballs shaded
By striped awnings, spying the sky
Into blue Formica

The single palm I see beneath
my fourth floor balcony
Doesn’t dither its fronds in humid breezes
Or rattle its accordions in hibiscus winds

This isn’t exotic South America
It’s LA
It models, stands starkly, refuses to tango
Poses instead

Making the green Astroturf cut an octagon
Around a parade of lounge chairs
Making the plastic carpet come to her
While she waits

To cast a side show
Of feeble shadow
On the televised villa
Beside her

Water through a courtyard fountain
The only wild sound
On a blank, sated, LA morning


Catherine Segurson

Catherine Segurson has worked at two major literary magazines, Zoetrope All-Story, and ZYZZYVA. She has worked as a visual artist exhibiting and selling her paintings in galleries in San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Her writing has appeared in Coastal Living Magazine, Slow Trains, Taj Mahal Review, Monterey Poetry Review and others.  She has an MFA from California College of the Arts in Creative Writing, and a BA in Economics from UC Davis. Catherine is currently the founding editor of Catamaran Literary Reader.


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